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Victoria Park Gymnastics & Trampoline Club is dedicated to ensuring an inclusive, friendly environment where members can enjoy the best possible gymnastics experience while seeking to grow opportunities for members to participate in and out of the gym.

We have a host of gymnastics programs to meet the needs of all members of your family, commencing with baby gym through to adult programs.

VPGTC provides a fun professional environment that is helping my daughter achieve her goal of becoming a level 10 gymnast. It has helped her establish self-esteem and a good work ethic, showing her that you have to work hard to achieve your goals

Jeannine Cox

My 3-year-old absolutely loves it! It has helped greatly with his balance, strength and coordination. He learns new skills every week. I highly recommend the club, it is a wonderful facility with great equipment and friendly and welcoming staff.

Michelle Day

The club has been a huge part of both my daughters sporting journeys for 13 years with dedicated coaches that have helped the girls achieve their dreams. State, National and International opportunities were supported at every turn with a great sense of team and pride along the way.

Heidi Humphries

We had our daughter’s 11th birthday party at Vici Park. She said the best part was having the whole place to ourselves. Both coaches were wonderful and patient, looking after all the kids to ensure everyone was playing safely.


Our 10th birthday party at Vici Park was 2 hours of non-stop activities. The children were completely entertained by the 2 coaches. There was a great area for the parents to sit and relax and for the party food afterwards. Thank you for hosting parties!

Toni Fink

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