Club History

Forming the Club

The merger of Wandal Gymnastics Club and Rockhampton Trampoline Club in 1987 resulted in the formation of Victoria Park Gymnastic & Trampoline Club Inc.

Combining the resources of both clubs allowed sufficient finance and manpower to build stage 1 of our club gymnasium in Hall Street Wandal in 1988. Our club and its members enlisted the identity of “Vici Park”, proudly wore the colours of maroon, white and pink in competitions and took the dolphin as our club-sporting emblem.

The club was thriving in membership, competition, and fundraising and in 1988 – 1992 saw the enthusiasm of a pro-active committee and its members forge the club ahead on all fronts. Stage 1 of our venue was club owned well ahead of time and our coaching pursuits and competition achievements had signalled it was time for a building extension.

As with stage 1, financing stage 2 needed people with a passion for Victoria Park to back the bank loan as guarantors. An incredibly generous group of family members stepped up in support. By now, Victoria Park had absorbed the Rockhampton Gymnastics Academy and in doing so acquired senior level women gymnasts and coach.

On 26 January 1993, stage 2 was officially opened, offering the best Queensland regional gymnastics and trampolining facility of its time, equipped with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of new gym equipment. In just a few short years the loan was repaid, and our club became club member owned and in 1997 our venue was debt free!

Our club has seen many highs over the years with the gymnasts going from strength to strength. Our competitive squads in both Trampoline and Gymnastics have seen many great successes at regional, state, national and international levels.

Our GfA program is our largest sector of the club consisting of BabyGym, TumbleFun, GymFun, HolidayFun and Adults Fit n Flex with participants ranging from 4 months – 30years old.   Numbers have increased in all recreational programs with the increase in gymnastics popularity and the public’s understanding of the sport and the benefits of their children participating in gymsports.

Vici Park has been lucky enough to have dedicated gymnasts across all disciplines who have chosen to share their passion with the emerging members by becoming coaches.

VPGTC Australian Representatives

Name Year Competition Results
Grace Humphries (WAG) 2019 WAG National Team, New Zealand – Level 10 Individual: 3rd Beam

AA Team: 1st

Sam Durkin (TRP) 2019 World Championships, JPN TRP: 34th
Britney Glazebrook (TRP) 2018


Pacific Rim Championships, COL

World Championships, BUL

TRP: 2nd Synchro: 2nd


Jarrod Spear (TRP) 2016










Indo Pacific Championships, NZ

World Championships, USA

Loule Cup, POR

World Championships, BUL

World Championships, GBR

Indo Pacific Championships, JPN

World Championships, FRA

World Championships, RUS

Indo Pacific Championships, NZ

Pacific Alliance, USA (Junior)

TRP: 2nd DMT: 3rd Synchro: 3rd



DMT: 24th

DMT: 23rd

DMT: 4th Synchro: 3rd

DMT: 24th


TRP: 9th Synchro: 4th

TRP: 4th

Jarrod Spear
Tony Durkin
Brittany Glazebrook
Grace Humphries

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