Trampoline Gymnastics

Trampoline (TRP) Sports is the perfect sport to teach your child safe and developmentally sound aerial skills, whilst also developing co-ordination and body awareness.

Trampoline Gymnastics has been proven to:

  • Develop confident body movement, both on and off the ground
  • Build strength and prepare the body for challenges in life
  • Challenge the mind and body to reach new goals
  • Develop posture and agility, including the ability to land safely

TRP Beginners

At Victoria Park we offer beginner TRP classes for *5 to 13 year old’s in mixed gender classes.  Our beginner classes focus on improving the child’s body control and movement whilst developing their aerial and spatial awareness on our Olympic sized trampolines and double mini trampolines.

Our beginner athletes in the TRP Program are encouraged to compete in our twice-yearly, Club Carnival.

*TRP Beginner 5 – 6 years classes are for children who are attending prep and up.

Beginners 5-6yrs Tues 3:30pm 1 hr
Beginners 5-6yrs Fri 3:30pm 1 hr
Beginners 7-9yrs Mon 3:30pm 1 hr
Beginners 7-9yrs Wed 3:30pm 1 hr
Beginners 7-9yrs Fri 4:30pm 1 hr
Beginners 10-13yrs Mon 4:30pm 90 mins
Beginners 10-13yrs Weds 3:30pm 90 mins
TRP Teens Fri 6:00pm 90 mins

*Please note that the above timetable do not reflect our current availability; get in touch with us for more information.

TRP Competitive Program

Pre-Level 3 – Level 8


Our competitive TRP Program follows the Trampoline Gymnastics Australian Levels Program (ALP); Pre Level 3 – Level 8.  These trampoline gymnasts compete multiple times during the year at Regional, State and National Level events, representing the club in their respective levels of development.

Enrolment in our competitive TRP Program is by invitation only.  Trampoline Gymnasts in this program can train 3 to 7.5 hours per week.

Level 3 Level 3A Level 4 – 8
Training Hours 3 hrs 4 – 6 hrs 6 – 7.5hrs

If your child is a current competitive trampoline gymnast wanting to join us at Victoria Park, please get in touch with us to discuss their current training regime.

Trampoline Sports has three apparatus and four disciplines:

  • Individual Trampoline (TRP)
  • Synchronized Trampoline (SYN)
  • Double Mini Trampoline (DMT)
  • Tumbling (TUM), not currently offered at Victoria Park


Individual Trampoline consists of an individual competitor performing two routines on the trampoline in the qualifying round and one routine in the final round. The qualifying round consists of a first voluntary routine (compulsory elements) and a second voluntary routine (optional elements). The Final consists of one voluntary routine (optional elements). In most competitions, skills are performed from ten contacts with the bed, starting the routine and ending the routine on the feet. Skills range from aerial shapes (tuck, pike and straight) to multiple somersaults with twists. Skills receive difficulty points according to body position, the degrees of rotation and twist executed.

The 2nd and Final Voluntary routine also consists of a combination of ten consecutive, but different skills. This routine is judged on the performance, horizontal displacement, and a degree of difficulty score is added to this total. Competitors will use a combination of single or multiple somersaults with multiple twists, both forward and backwards to make up the combination of ten skills.

Synchronised Trampoline

Synchronised Trampoline is judged the same as individual trampoline but there are two competitors bouncing on separate trampolines. Competitors aim to perform the same routine at exactly the same time. Competitors are judged on how well they stay synchronized with each other and an execution score is given for the performance by each athlete. The routines that they perform must be identical. If either competitor performs a different skill or even the same skill in a different body position the routine terminates at that skill and they will only receive a score for the part of the routine performed prior to the error.

Double Mini Tramp

The Double-Mini Trampoline is a low, narrow trampoline with an angled mount. Two skills are performed in sequence:

A mount skill or a spotter skill, followed by a dismount skill.

Competitors perform two different two-skill passes, where no skill can be repeated.

Gymnastics Australia (GA) is the governing body for the sport of gymnastics in Australia.  Internationally, gymnastics is governed by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG).

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