About us

Our Mission Statement

“To be a modern gymnastics club offering a safe gymnastics experience in a warm, friendly and inclusive environment.”

VPGTC is part of the larger group of both Gymnastics Queensland (GQ) and Gymnastics Australia (GA) and is therefore governed by their rules and regulations.

Our Values

One: We work collectively as a club towards a common purpose and shared club goals.

Inclusive: Everyone is welcome at Vici Park. Your ability, age or gender will never stop you from being a part of our club.

Positivity: A smile goes a long way, always encouraging your peers and fellow gymnasts. Look for the positives in every situation.

Strive: Always work hard to achieve your best possible outcome. Staff continue to learn and apply new and updated knowledge while

Our Facility

Victoria Park Gymnastics and Trampoline Club is privileged to have been involved in the sport of gymnastics in the Central Queensland region for over 30 years.  We have provided thousands of children across the community with a great foundation to achieve their goals and to support an active lifestyle.

VPGTC is a committee run, not for profit club dedicated to providing the highest quality programs to enable every child to reach their potential.

Our goal of a new sprung gymnastics floor became a reality in June 2021.  After receiving several community grants, we received enough funds to purchase a new Olympic sprung floor.  Thanks to the efforts of the Management Committee who contracted Speith in Holland and Amco Gymnastics in Australia.

The gym was well overdue for a tidy up and rearrange to accommodate our new Olympic sprung floor.  In June 2021 the club rallied members and headed by our WAG Head Coach rearranged the gym in 4 days which was a mammoth effort to be ready for the beginning of Term 3.  In addition, a dedicated strength area and strength equipment were purchased and moved upstairs on the mezzanine floor as numbers have significantly increased in our programs as the popularity of gymnastics grows.

Our members now have three trampolines, a brand new sprung Olympic floor, 12m Tumble track Trampoline, blow up pit as well as many other exciting pieces of equipment.

The club’s exterior has had a major facelift with Higgins Coatings donating 100% of the cost to paint the roof and Western wall with heat reflective paint.  The committee then engaged Higgins to paint the remainder of the walls which was heavily discounted by Higgins Coatings.  The alsynite sheeting (clear roof sheets) were damaged in April 2020 because of a severe and destructive hailstorm that caused significant and widespread damage to commercial and residential properties.  As a result of a successful insurance claim, these sheets were replaced by Toons Plumbing.  The committee also engaged Toon’s Plumbing to replace the old whirly birds with new solar powered heat extracting fans to help with the temperature inside the gym in the summer months.

We have introduced a Fundraising subcommittee to ensure we are continually upgrading our equipment and facilities.

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