Gymnastics Inclusion Program

The latest research shows that gymnastics has enormous benefits for the cognitive, physical and social development of people with disability. But for thousands of participants across the country, it is also about having lots of fun!

Gymnastics is a common tool for developing a child’s fundamental movement.  It benefits in the cognitive development of children, helping them to develop their listening, problem solving, muscular strength, joint flexibility, balance, coordination and core strength required for everyday living. It also provides a strong base for further skill development that can be taken across into all sports.

Victoria Park are excited to partner with Special Olympics Young Athletes program to provide the Central Queensland community an opportunity to be included and participate in physical activity.  Special Olympics Australia and Gymnastics Australia have provided our staff with training and accreditation to support our members in providing an exclusive environment for athletes with intellectual disabilities and Autism.

We are excited to build strong and long-term relationships between Special Olympics Australia and the sporting community by offering regular participation, competition pathways, training and skill-development for both athletes and coaches.

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